Just Got My Zennis!

Just got my Zennis!


I’m blind as a bat.  I pretty much can’t function without some type of visual aid.  I prefer contacts, but I always have to have one pair of glasses.  I just got my Zennis!

I was due for an eye exam and was angry because my normal place closed it’s downtown location, which is the most convenient for me, and they always had 2 pair for $99.95. Yes, I have to pay more because I have bifocals. I’m good with that price, because that’s still inexpensive for glasses.  I really didn’t care much about the limited frame selection, because I could always find something cute.

I don’t know what it is about turning 45, but I’ve been wanting to try new things. Makeup colors, clothing choices, and yes, eyeglass frames. But frames are expensive, and I’m not at the point where I want to pay $300+ for glases. I admired a co-workers glasses about a month ago and expressed this.  She put me on to Zenni Optical.   She told me that her glasses cost her about $70 altogether. I went to their site immediately. I saw frames for less than $100!  And you can upload a picture of yourself to try frames on!  I was in LOVE!  All I needed was my prescription, including my PD (pupillary distance) and I was set!

As I still needed to get an eye exam, I played around on the site for a while, trying on different frames. I fell in love with the cat eye shape and decided that’s what I wanted.  I’d always gotten rectangular frames before (probably because I’d never seen cat eye frames at the place where I normally went).

I got my eye exam on April 8, 2016.   I did fall in love with some Kate Spade frames at Visionworks, but the price on those with my lenses was over $300, and that was with getting the frames at half-price! No ma’am and NO SIR. But aren’t they lovely??


I ordered my Zennis!

I went home and immediately went to the Zenni Optical site. The original frames I wanted were not available with a bifocal prescription, but I had favorited so many that I went to my second choice.  I was glad to be given a 15% off coupon for being a first time customer. I placed my order:  Frames, lenses with no-line progressive bifocals, anti-reflective coating, AND clip on sunglasses.  With my coupon and priority shipping, it came to just over $91!!  I was excited!

My glasses were shipped on April 18, and I got them yesterday, April 20. I was having a horrible allergy day. My contacts felt like boulders in my eyes.  I have never been so glad to see a pair of glasses in all my life!  I immediately took the contacts out and tried my glasses on.


They’re a really bold frame, which is exactly what I wanted.  I thought the clip-on sunglasses would be corny, but I LOVE them.  Now I don’t have to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. Unless I just WANT to.

I’ve priced other online vendors, but every time I add those bifocals, the price goes up. Nobody came close to the price I paid.  The glasses are made very well and feel sturdy. They feel very light on my face. The anti-reflective coating is great! I took the picture with a ring light AND flash, but the effect is minimal.  Overall, my experience with Zenni Optical was great!I will definitely be ordering from them again!