It seems that every time I decide to move forward with a goal, forces converge and try to mess me up.  And it usually does mess me up. For a while.  Then I dust myself off and start again.  Case in point:  This blog. I spent a few months deciding what the subject would be, how it would look, etc.  Then..on the VERY day I was to launch, my husband got admitted to the hospital.  FOR A MONTH. With a few stays in the ICU during that time.  In the middle of that month, I started online classes again.  And as far as the blog went, I was messed up.   Between the hospital and school, I had no time or desire to blog. How could I blog about cherishing myself when I couldn’t even accomplish that?  MESSED UP. It has taken me a minute to even THINK about it.

Then in February, I joined Younique.  I absolutely love being a part of the company.  As with any business, you have to invest some to be successful. So I’ve been slowly buying things to try.  I had some extra money this month, so I ordered a lot!  I was so excited to try what I bought and to be able to share and do tutorials.  And…..as usual…..the forces converged.

My twins just went to college.  I have decided to take over their room and turn it into a place where I can film/take pictures/do makeup.  Yesterday, when I was at work, one of their friends came to the house and told my husband that the boys had asked her to come and get some of their stuff and bring it to them.  He told me he allowed her to go up into their room. She came down with some of their hand drawn artwork…and my suitcase…which was NOT in their room, but in my youngest son’s room.  He stopped her from taking that, but didn’t check to see what else she had.  I had a small box with some Younique I had just ordered in their room…..and sure enough:  what I had left in the box was GONE.  I had planned to do a tutorial this morning with that stuff. But no.  It was not to be.  I sent her a message on Facebook and told her that if I didn’t see $100 dollars in my mailbox before I left this morning, I was going to the police.  She said she’d get it there, but of course, it was not there.  So after work, I have to go to the police station.  Because I’m not playing with this chick.

I am not saying all of this to complain.  I’m just stating facts.  If this had happened six months ago, I’d be feeling defeated and mad because I have to repurchase that stuff.  Yes, I’m mad.  But I’m not defeated. I have goals that I WILL accomplish.  I WILL NOT QUIT.  I’m not even going to let this break my stride.  I will not be going back to the beginning.  This is a bump in the road that I’m just going to ride right over and continue my journey.

I’m telling you this because I know there are women out there who feel like their goals are not worth striving for because every time they try, they get knocked down.  I know that feeling. I could write even more pages about all my knock-downs.  But if you truly cherish yourself, then you realize that you not striving for your goals only hurts YOU.  The people and events that had a hand in knocking you down WIN.  Don’t let other people control your life!  YOU have to do it.  If you don’t, who will?  What should NOT be happening is you letting life pass you by while WISHING you had kept going!

Say it with me: I WILL NOT QUIT!


These are the things I have to tell myself!

Have you let circumstances derail you from your goals?  Are you fighting that issue right now?  Let’s talk! Feel free to leave a comment, or if you would rather talk privately, email me: Erica AT fabinsideout DOT com.